Sevilla für Frauen

02.10.-06.10.2018 Sevilla für Frauen
Fotografie, Yoga, Meditation und Klang

Ein Fotoworkshop mit Claudia Wiens für leidenschaftliche Fotografinnen, die ihre Fotografie-Fähigkeiten ausbauen und Kreativität steigern möchten. Yoga, Meditation und Klang dienen als Hilfsmittel, um kreative Prozesse in Gang zu setzen, Voraussetzungen für Inspiration zu schaffen und die visuelle Wahrnehmungsgabe zu schulen.
Kursgebühr: 490 Euro

In der Ausgabe April 2018 des online Fotografiemagazins fotoespresso schreibt Claudia Wiens darüber wie ihr Meditation und Yoga bei der Fotografie helfen.
Download des Beitrags (kostenloses PDF):

SPAIN, SEVILLE: The ‘Feria de April’, the April Fair, is Seville’s most important festival besides the Semana Santa, the Easter week. This feria also comes with a spectacular amusement park with all sorts of carousels, merry go rounds and roller coasters. Seeing women with their massive dresses on a modern fun fair is like being in a huge open air film set for some historical movie. A whole neighbourhood of the city gets turned into an enormous fair ground with hundreds of little casetas, huts, that are usually belong to prominent families of Seville, groups of friends, clubs, trade associations and political parties. Already weeks before the start everybody talks of nothing else. Where to buy the most extravagant dress, to whose casetas one is invited. This is most important because you cannot enter just any caseta, you have to know one of the owners. Many women and men take Sevillana dance classes during winter to be prepared to dance this to the feria dedicated dance. The fair officially begins at midnight on a Monday, when the lights at the enormous especially for the feria constructed gate goes on, and runs six days, ending on the following Sunday.